Takistani Mirage F1

When creating the desert camouflage for the Mirage F1CR of MAFCExt mod, I was amused me to make a takistani camouflage. After allowing a few months in my boxes, I … Continuer à lire →


MAFCExt – WIP#10

Hello everyone, The sun, which took time to show the tip of his nose, is finally back and we thought it was good to give you some news about our … Continuer à lire →


MAFCExt – WIP#09

Hello everyone, The work on the MAFCExt advance at full speed. Thus, the beta, being tested in private, had a big update that you could see some of these changes … Continuer à lire →


MAFCExt – WIP#08

Some screenshots :      P.S : CE Infantery, VAB, weapons, EC665 Tigre, Leclerc and VBL from OFrP mod. WAIT AND SEE : WORK IN PROGRESS !!!


MAFCExt – WIP#07

Some screenshots :       WAIT AND SEE : WORK IN PROGRESS !!!