Happy Birthday SEM

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MAF – Going to the finals !

Hi all, a soldier of all fronts! Despite our silence that lasts since the early summer, the studio still working on its various projects. Thus, after one year of existence … Continuer à lire →


MAF – Release 2.0

“Little Santa Claus when you come down from heaven … with …With? “ With Release 2.0 of the mod MAF – French Army Armed Assault for course! A little early … Continuer à lire →


MAF – WIP#10

Greeting a young infantryman from all backgrounds! A little news to inform the upcoming release of version 2.0 MAF mod FULL. Indeed, we have decided to release the full mod … Continuer à lire →


MAF – Release 1.0

Well I think it’s time … 8:10 p.m (20:10 in France) to symbolize the year 2010 when finally, our brave soldiers will be able to set foot on Sarhani ! … Continuer à lire →