Following the very recent update of Operation Frenchpoint mod, we take the opportunity to update the MAFCExt mod. As you know, our mod depent OFrP, this release was essential, so … Continuer à lire →


MAFCExt Release 4.0

Some of you thought that we had disappeared and yet not ! We are still alive and present ! Finally ! After 2 years of hard work, the MAF studio … Continuer à lire →


Version 2.0 of the Mirage F1 available

As promised, the second version of the Mirage F1 package is available with many new features. Thus, planes of sahranian (fictitious army of ArmA: Armed Assault) and chernarussian armies were … Continuer à lire →


Takistani Mirage F1

When creating the desert camouflage for the Mirage F1CR of MAFCExt mod, I was amused me to make a takistani camouflage. After allowing a few months in my boxes, I … Continuer à lire →


MAFCExt – WIP#10

Hello everyone, The sun, which took time to show the tip of his nose, is finally back and we thought it was good to give you some news about our … Continuer à lire →