MAF – Release 1.0

Well I think it’s time … 8:10 p.m (20:10 in France) to symbolize the year 2010 when finally, our brave soldiers will be able to set foot on Sarhani ! … Continuer à lire →


MAF – J-7

A little news whose title is a harbinger of good news … J-5 before the beta … J-6 before the trailer and … (Eh outstanding ^^)… J-7 before the release … Continuer à lire →


(Français) MAF – Recherche testeurs

Sorry, this entry is only available in Français.


MAF – WIP#09

Here are 4 screenshots … but this time, our special forces committed to Corazol ^^    Thank you to O: W: L for the models and textures of COS units … Continuer à lire →


MAF – WIP#08

Hello hello ! Here are new screenshots of the addons of the week     WORKS IN PROGRESS !!