MAFCExt – WIP#10

Hello everyone,

The sun, which took time to show the tip of his nose, is finally back and we thought it was good to give you some news about our mod before the holiday departure of some members of staff of the studio MAF . While we have more than 1 year and a half working on MAFCExt, we sense a certain impatience of some players to see the release of the mod. This impatience is also present in our staff because we are very eager to offer you our baby. Of course, despite this impatience, we do not confuse speed with haste (our beta testers are often there to remind us). Thus, in order to provide a mod of quality in the shortest time, we decided that this version would be a little “softer” than is expected. The frigate La Fayette, the EC135 and some other undisclosed date addons will be set aside … for a future release.

In the meantime, here are the surprises of the week :

Image Image Image
Image Image Image

Happy holidays to all !


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