Takistani Mirage F1

When creating the desert camouflage for the Mirage F1CR of MAFCExt mod, I was amused me to make a takistani camouflage. After allowing a few months in my boxes, I share with you my last work of this Mirage F1E of the takistani air force. The add-on also contains a fighter pilot.
Other camouflage, huddled in a corner of my HDD, as well as different configurations of the Mirage F1 should appear in a future release.


Terms of Use (E.U.L.A.) :
Available only for Arma2 CO, you are not allowed to use it in any other game or software, present or future.

You are not allowed to uncompile the Mirage F1E add-on to extract any content from them.
The Mirage F1E add-on may NOT be modified, included in other mods in whole or part, used for military training or any commercial purposes whatsoever, without prior permission from the authors.
Thereby, any port of this add-on on VBS2, or on any other similar software is forbidden.

The Mirage F1E add-on (ArmA2 version) was created for the game ArmA2/Operation Arrowhead, and only for this one, you are not authorized to modify or adapt the mod to ArmA 3. No wild portage ArmA 3 is therefore authorized or exemption : this is our decision, as well as the refusal to wear the mod in ACE and we want in exchange for what we give to the community, that it respects our positions.

By downloading the mod, you submit to the EULA, and any non-compliance with the above rules, may be subject to prosecution.


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