MAF – Going to the finals !

Hi all, a soldier of all fronts!
Despite our silence that lasts since the early summer, the studio still working on its various projects.
Thus, after one year of existence of the forum, MAF studio has decided to end the year in style with the release in the coming months, the latest version of the MAF mod for ArmA 1: the 2.1 FULL.
This latter will receive, like the 2.0, all units of the previous version but with textures and 3D models, reviewed for your happy.

Any concerns present in the previous version will be resolved and new addons will be added to the MAF mod, like the Rafale and the C160 Transall, special forces in Daguet camouflage or the AMX-56 Leclerc (yes, you have read LECLERC) perhaps the VBL and VAB which we hope to reach the finish, and much more …

Unfortunately, we will not publish the Alphajet, the Sentry and E3F C135FR … or at least not on an ARMA (sorry to everyone who was waiting).

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