After the obvious returns, we worked all night much of the day to offer this latest jewelry: a HOTFIX for mod MAF2Ext !

This HOTFIX contains the following changes :

  • Fixed driver for gazelles Deserts
  • Fixed the shadows for gazelles
  • Fixed the name of the canon 30mm to 20mm
  • Correction of errors on textures and rvmats of TRM10000 Container
  • Correction of errors on textures and rvmats of Containers (Misc)
  • Added an icon Container for the Containers (Misc)
  • Fixed animation caterpillars AMX10P
  • Fix driver that moved along the turret of the AMX10P !
  • Fixed the missing hatch above the driver in the AMX10P

Installation :
Place the addons in your directory @MAF2Ext and overwrite the old files !
LINKS : Download 7z

Team Studio MAFapologizes for any inconvenience and will be more vigilant in the future (if ARMA2 wants it ^ ^)

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