MAF – Release 2.0

“Little Santa Claus when you come down from heaven … with …With? “

With Release 2.0 of the mod MAF – French Army Armed Assault for course!
A little early I grant you, but I know more than you could expect.

This new version of the mod MAF, contains a wealth of updated and of course some new stuff!
The majority of vehicles, planes and helicopters have been entitled to a small editing to improve performance and quality that prompted us to release a mod FULL 2.0 instead of a single update!

French Army Mod 2.0 :

  • Includes addons version 1.0
  • Net performance improvement multiplayer
  • General improvement of addons
  • Updated loading screens
  • Fixed animation SEM
  • Fixed animation on the Puma ANF1 Resco
  • Error Correction and Improvement VBCI VCI
  • Update NH90
  • Addition of AMX10P
  • Addition of AMX30B2
  • Addition of EADS A330MRTT (Tanker)
  • Addition of 4 Airbus A320
  • Addition of VBCI VPC
  • Addition of desert camo for Gazelles
  • Added Desert Camo on P4
  • Addition of two VPS
  • Addition of a Pack Misc (barbed wire, container, radar, harrow …)
  • Addition of a Pack House (Mounted Police and Fire Station)
  • Fixed the mission pack 1 (23 missions)
  • Added a mission pack for CAPSI (28 missions)
  • Various other fixes!

MAF 2.0 Full EXE : Download Auto-Installer
MAF 2.0 Full 7z : Download 7z
Note : 7z is the installation manual installation: you should absolutely remove the old contents of your “@MAF/Addons” before starting the new version of the mod!
If you have trouble launching the mod, put it: “-mod=@MAF” at the end of the line “target” of shortened ArmA !

Wishing you happy New Year celebration, I invite you to few days for a new surprise … but this ARMA2 time !

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