MAF – Release 1.0

Well I think it’s time … 8:10 p.m (20:10 in France) to symbolize the year 2010 when finally, our brave soldiers will be able to set foot on Sarhani !
Here is the MAF mod version 1.0 Full with auto-installer : Download (bientôt dispo sur ArmAHolic et ArmedAssault.Info)!
MAF – Mod French Army offers multiple infantry from all backgrounds, vehicles, armored, helicopter, plane, police, firefighter or EMS
Hoping that it will please you, we still remember that this is a first release and soon will come from another vehicle !!

Some tips :

  • This mod is compatible with ArmA 1.08 but version 1.18 is strongly recommended !
  • This mod should not be initiated with other addons or other mod …
  • For those with Vista and Seven meeting and installation difficulties: right click on the installer file and “Run as administrator” !
  • Finally, a shortcut is created by the installer to start the game with the mod via your start menu …

Pdf files are available in PDF directory via your start menu and not forgetting the website : ICI

Have fun with it and visit our FORUM for any problems !

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