MAF – J-7

A little news whose title is a harbinger of good news … J-5 before the beta … J-6 before the trailer and … (Eh outstanding ^^)… J-7 before the release 1.0 of the mod!
We see the end of the tunnel and we are now focusing on potential or armored vehicles such as VBL, VAB and VBCI to get out at least one of them next Sunday!
New screen has been posted in the gallery: Super Etendard Modernisé, TRMs, Cagiva and TRMs Firefighter!

Image Image Image

Image Image Image

In a second step, we announce the establishment of a project for MAF2Civilian for ARMA2!
This project will provide helicopter, vehicle and man of the Gendarmerie, Firefighter and Samu French as it can be seen in the MAF mod ArmA1 !


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