MAFCExt Release 4.0

Some of you thought that we had disappeared and yet not ! We are still alive and present !

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Finally ! After 2 years of hard work, the MAF studio is finally proud to release for you the next version of MAF2Ext mod : version 4.0 of MAFCExt mod ! (French Army and Civil Extension Mod) This mod is, like its predecessor, an extension of the famous Operation Frenchpoint. He adds many aircraft, vehicles and units, both civilians and militaries. So you can take control of many materials of the French army, they are still in use or not in it.
Of course, this new version now includes the functionalities of ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead like as thermal textures. Many improvements in sound, 3D models and textures were also conducted. For more details, please consult the changelog. ;)

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Changelog :
  • End of “MAF2Ext” (Mod Armée Française 2 Extension) to “MAFCExt” (Mod Armée Française et Civil Extension)
  • Added : Mirage III (x3 versions)
  • Added : Mirage F1C-200 et Mirage F1CR Désert (x1+x3 versions)
  • Added : Super Étendard Modernisé (x3 versions)
  • Added : A319 (Air France, Lufthansa, International, Arianair, Eastjet, ETEC.65)
  • Added : AS555 Fennec (Armée de l’Air)/AS350 Écureuil (Gendarmerie)
  • Added : Fouga CM-170 Magister (Armée de l’Air, Patrouille de France)
  • Added : C130H Hercules (Armée de l’Air, UN)
  • Added : MQ-9 Reaper (unarmed)
  • Added : Units (COS Desert, Desert 1991, Tundra, Gendarmes, Firefighters…)
  • Added : Renault Trafic (Gendarmerie, firefighters, civilians)
  • Added : Peugeot Boxer (Gendarmerie, firefighters, health service, UMAS)
  • Added : Defender (Gendarmerie, Armée de Terre, firefighters)
  • Added : LRM (Multiple rocket launchers – Europe, desert)
  • Added : Weapons pack (HK G3, HK G36, HK UMP9, HK MP5A5, AW.338, P226, P228, Glock 19)
  • Added : Gendarmerie’s Cagiva
  • Added : TRM2000/10000 UN
  • Added : AMX-10P UN
  • Added : Crotale NG
  • Added : Static A320
  • Added : Ground-air radar ANGD
  • Added : Thermal textures
  • Added : 2 buildings
  • Fixed : Animation of the tracks of the AMX 10P
  • Fixed : Animation of the punctured wheels
  • Fixed : Cagiva’s RVMAT
  • Fixed : TRM’s RVMAT
  • Fixed : Sound *.wav and *.ogg >> *.wss
  • Fixed : Bug textures of Mirage F1
  • Fixed : Cockpit sounds Mirage F1
  • Fixed : Acceleration Mirage F1
  • Fixed : Fuel Mirage F1
  • Fixed : Mirage F1 drops its laser-guided bombs on targets
  • Fixed : Highlight of the AMX10P, TRM, NH90, Cagiva et Gazelle
  • Fixed : Loading screens
  • Fixed : Metal effect when bullet impacts
  • Fixed : Marker lights of the NH90
  • Fixed : Deleting the shiny side of the Cagiva and TRM2000
  • Fixed : Class damage of the Cagiva
  • Fixed : Cagiva’s wheels
  • Fixed : Input/output position of pilot/gunner of the Gazelle
  • Fixed : Windows of the Gazelle
  • Fixed : Flares on aircraft
  • Fixed : Control panels of TRM 2000, Gazelle and NH90
  • Fixed : nameSound = “plane”; > nameSound = “veh_airplane”;
  • Fixed : nameSound = “chopper”; > nameSound = “veh_helicopter”;
  • Fixed : Driver/pilot of TRM2000, TRM10000 and Gazelle bullets sensitive
  • Deleted : Script light
  • Deleted : Duplicates TRM2000 MAF/OFrP

The road was long, and patience was the key word in these two years. We have not counted the number of hours, days (and nights …) when our developers and our brave beta testers have pulled their hairs to fix any bugs on this mod.

We thank all the individuals and teams who have contributed to the mod :

  • IkåR : TRM2000/10000, Cagiva T4, SA 341 Gazelle
  • renton : Mirage F1
  • CheyenneAH56 : Airbus A320, AS350 Ecureuil, CM170 Fouga Magister
  • Jonny : Jonny’s SF
  • vilas : Defender, Trafic, Boxer, HK MP5A5, HK UMP-9, P226, G36
  • wld427 : Mirage III, Super-Etendard Modernisé
  • NickNitro446 : Ghillie suit
  • modEmMaik : NH90 Caïman
  • CWR² : ALICE vest
  • TheSun : AI AW.338
  • FuzzySquirrel : Remington 870
  • BI Studio : C-130H Hercules, LRM, MQ-9 Reaper et les modèles d’ArmA: Armed Assault/ArmA 2
  • Tom_48_97 for the many aid
  • for the implementation of supports
  • OFrP Team (IkåR, lodu & TigerForce) for his valuable contribution
  • La Nex (Néréflo & Jaac) for his help during our start in moddeling
  • RAPAS Team for multiplayers bêta-test
  • FeudeDaisy for the creation of MAF studio

With that, we wish you a pleasant fun with MAFCExt.

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Terms of use (E.U.L.A.) :
Available only for Arma2 CO, you are not allowed to use it in any other game or software, present or future.

You are not allowed to uncompile the MAFCExt add-on to extract any content from them.
The MAFCExt add-on may NOT be modified, included in other mods in whole or part, used for military training or any commercial purposes whatsoever, without prior permission from the authors.
Thereby, any port of this add-on on VBS2, or on any other similar software is forbidden.

The MAFCExt add-on (ArmA2 version) was created for the game ArmA2/Operation Arrowhead, and only for this one, you are not authorized to modify or adapt the mod to ArmA 3. No wild portage ArmA 3 is therefore authorized or exemption : this is our decision, as well as the refusal to wear the mod in ACE and we want in exchange for what we give to the community, that it respects our positions.

By downloading the mod, you submit to the EULA, and any non-compliance with the above rules, may be subject to prosecution.


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