Version 2.0 of the Mirage F1 available

As promised, the second version of the Mirage F1 package is available with many new features. Thus, planes of sahranian (fictitious army of ArmA: Armed Assault) and chernarussian armies were added. New missiles and configurations are also now available. My imagination has also allowed me to create an aircraft of the 4477th Test and Evaluation Squadron.
This pack may well be in its final version unless that new ideas arise.

This package requires the game ArmA 2 and its standalone, Operation Arrowhead and the CBA.

A great thanks to Renton for its model of Mirage F1 as well as Yac and project PRACS for their fighter pilot.

Changelog :

  • Added : 3 sahranians Mirage F1 (Air-air, air-ground and air-ship)
  • Added : 2 chernarussians Mirage F1 (Air-air and air-ground)
  • Added : 2 agressors’ Mirage F1 (Blue et desert)
  • Added : 2 news takistanis Mirage F1 (Air-ground and air-ship)
  • Added : Chernarussian and sahranian fighter pilots
  • Added : Air-air AIM120 AMRAMM missile
  • Added : Air-ship Exocet missile
  • Fixed : Takistani pilot’s classname
  • Fixed : Takistani Mirage F1′s classname


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